Our Performers:

Erika Pinder
From Hungary trained and graduated from the Hungarian State circus School. She can perform many circus acts in fact she was presented with an award by the Circus Friends Association for the best aeriel act in the UK. Erika also deals with the many tasks behind the scenes, you may see her in the box office, serving refreshments and performing in the ring.

Eddy Pinder
Is from the oldest circus family in the UK. The first Pinder’s circus started in 1850 although a Pinder's member married Thomas Ord in 1812 who already had a circus. Pinder's circus was asked on many occasions to present the show at the royal household at Balmoral Castle and still have the letters of appreciation from the Queen in their archives.

Eddy, an all rounder, performs as a clown with his wife Erika with their comedy car, plenty of bangs and noise in that routine, and their noted and original decoration routine slapstick soap, water and fun all the way.

Mike Lea
Your ringmaster and host at each show guides you through the performance introducing each act and creating a unique atmosphere for you to enjoy. Mr Mike is a member of the Friend of the Grand Order of Water Rats an organisation full of celebrities and stars who raise huge amounts for charity. He is also an accomplished master magician who has appeared on television many times, toured with numerous shows and spent many years with Billy Smart's Circus.


Welcome to Pinders Circus a Dazzling Family Circus Show - Pinder’s Circus is on tour from February 2019.

Edward Pinder on


BGT, Simon Cowell got lucky...this time.


When 11-year-old Edward Pinder narrowly avoided putting a knife into Simon Cowell’s shoulder, the audience gasped but the talented performer remained cool as a cucumber.

We caught up with Edward to find out more about that nail-biting moment.

“I was a bit nervous about throwing knives at Simon but I got over it,” he said. “I wanted to impress David and Simon.

“I’ve been doing it for about a year and I never miss. Sometimes the knives bounce out. I practice every day. I'm 11th generation circus performer and this is what I want to do when I am older too.”

Edward admitted he’d like to have had a go at throwing knives at Ant and Dec next but that there are more tricky elements to his act.

“The knives takes a lot of practice but other parts of my act are even harder like the whips and lasso.

“The ropes are really difficult. You’ll have to wait and see what I do next.

“I wanted to go on Britain’s Got Talent to show people what I can do. You don’t see an act like mine every day. I thought I’d give it a try and it worked.”

When he is on tour with the family circus, Edward attends 50 different schools in a year.

“I enjoy going to lots of different schools. My friends always say can ‘can I Have a go’ and I say no because they’re not trained.”

Edward’s Dad Eddy told us he is very proud of his son who has been part of the circus since the age of seven and has already ticked of a Diablo act and the role of ringmaster on his list of achievements. He explained Edwards was a competent and confident child but even he was worried when Simon put himself into the act.

“When he had Simon on stage I was in the audience and was quite worried,” he said. “He had multi-million pound Simon Cowell in front of him and with live entertainment there is always that one per cent chance something could go wrong.

“He’s the only person in the world who has thrown knives at Simon Cowell!”


The History of Pinder's Circus

The roots of Pinders circus go back to 1784 with the birth of Thomas Ord the son of the reverend Selby Ord. Young Thomas ran away from home aged around 14 and joined the circus. 200 years ago by 1812 he had started his own circus he soon became a house hold name all over Scotland and the north of England. Ords equestrian arena became the most famous circus of the early part of the 19th century.

After Thomas Ord died in 1859 his daughter Selina Ord carried on with the circus, in 1861 Selina married Edwin Pinder whose uncles, George and William Pinder had founded Pinders circus in 1854. Edwin left his uncles and he and Selina continued with Ord Pinders circus in Scotland.

Edwins uncles went to Europe with Pinders circus and became Frances most famous circus where it remains to this day in name only as no members of the Pinder family are involved. Pinders circus in Scotland also became famous including 3 command performances for Queen Victoria at Balmoral castle in 1877-1892-and 1898.

Edwin and Selina had 1 daughter and 4 sons to carry on the circus the eldest son William also had 4 sons one of whom was George who married Eileen Connor daughter of F.J Connor owner of Connors grand circus on the Isle of Man.

In 1967 there son George Pinder married Christine Fossett of the world famous Fossett circus and it is there son Eddy along with his wife and there son Edward who is 11 and there business partner Mike Lea who run this present day Pinders circus 200 years after it all started with a young boy running off to join the circus.

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